Message from Cathy Olson, Owner/Designer

Wedding stationery design found me, and I'm so happy it did, because it truly was Love at First Invite® for me. Being a professional graphic designer for almost a decade, a good friend thought to ask me to design her wedding invitations, and consequently changed my life.

My natural inclination towards intimate and artistic design fit so well with wedding stationery. There is so much love and emotion surrounding a wedding - I feel so lucky to be part of such a special day in people's lives. All of the weddings that I design for have a special place in my heart - each one is unique and beautiful to reflect each couple I'm blessed to meet.

My work has a timeless quality and yet is also very contemporary. I try to be very thoughtful and aware while I am designing, so that I can capture the nuances of every wedding I have the honor of being a part of. Thank you for allowing me to share my love and talents with you!

Contact us for a consult today so that I can hear all about your wedding dreams!

XOXO and Happy Wedding Planning!


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